Liberty Lacrosse is now closed.

Custom stringing is still available through Real Deal Lacrosse.

For details on how to get the custom stringing, please email

We pride ourselves on our custom stick stringing for both women and men! We have a full service Stringing Lab providing just about every color sidewall and crosslace under the sun. Either leave your stick with us to string, or buy your materials here!

On the women’s side, this past 2013 lacrosse season we were the exclusive stick stringers for the women's lacrosse teams at Syracuse University, University of North Carolina, Brown University, Canisius College and Kean University. This summer, we will also provide stringing to some of the members of the US Women's Team as they go for their 7th World Cup title in Canada!

We feel confident that we provide the best stick stringing you will find in the women's game. Our stringing technique allows for pockets to break in perfectly in a matter of days, the success rate of which we have not seen replicated with comparable success.

On the men’s side we are the ONLY lax store in the Central New York area carrying Marc Mesh. We also carry Jima Wax as well as standard hard, soft, monster and dura mesh! We have a stringer who specializes in traditional stringing, as well as one who specializes in mesh stringing. When it comes to sidewall and cross lace color selection: if you want it we have it! Our color selection will not be beat!

If you are interested in pricing for custom stringing or accessories give us a call! We do stringing on both an individual and team basis.

For details on how to get the custom stringing, please email